Nov 7, 2012

12 Weeks Of Christmas Treats Blog Roll

I'm late. I'm late. For a very important date...

Wait, No i'm just a little behind in jumping aboard the Blog Roll. Six weeks ago Brenda at Meal Planning Magic started her annual 12 Weeks of Christmas Treats Blog roll. I, along with 50+ bloggers (and more joining weekly, like me!!) are baking and cooking up some great treats for the holiday season. We are sharing ideas to get you ready for the holidays. It is a little different from last year in that its not only baked goods, we are also including other treats, candies, food gifts and sweets. Simply any treat that you might share on the holiday table for munching or serving at your holiday parties!

Join in the Baking!!
If you're a blogger, there is still room to join. And if you're not a blogger or just not up for blogging about it, then join us anyway and fill your freezer. Every Thursday from now until December 15th, we will be bringing you lots of new inspiring recipes. Put on your baking cap and collect all those recipes from your recipe box, magazine cuttings, cookbooks or online. Now is the time to make those cookies you've always want to but never found the time. And feel free to make a bar or even a candy.

Here is the link from last week's blog roll. Man do some of those look yummy!!!

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