Nov 4, 2013

101 Reasons Why I love my Husband

The Dating Divas emailed an awesome printable for all of us to use that helps us develop our 101 reasons why we love our husbands. As much as i like print, I think a public forum would be best. My husband doesn't usually get the recognition he deserves for all he does. Nor, do I praise him enough in public.

My husband, is a great man! There are so many amazing qualities about him; many that people don't even know about. I'm not getting on the 30 days of Thankfulness that is flying all over facebook because I am thankful every day for what God has given. And every day is a day to share it, not just during the month of November.

BUT, I am going to share why I love my husband because He doesn't hear it enough.

To my husband: (read more...)

I love you because…

I your Dimples.
I  your arms around my waist
I when you whisper sweet nothings
I seeing you snuggle with our boys
I resting my head on your chest
I that you love me regardless of my weight
I how much you love airplanes
I that you have a heart for SAR
I that you are a great cook!
I how hot you look in a uniform
I you teaching me about guns
I that you love Jesus.
I that you can make me laugh
I that you can fix almost anything
I that you still hold my hand
I that you are a great father!
I that you are faithful
I that you are sexy
I that you gave me a son.
I that you always take the trash out
I that you are teaching our boys responsibility
I that you showed me parts of the US I had never seen
I that you take the kids to school every day
I that you make me smile
I that you know where to tickle me
I that your have a dry sense of humor
I that you snuggle with me
I that you are witty
I that you are Mr. Mom & try your best!
I that you are strong
I that you love drinking wine with me
I that you can talk with only your expressions
I pushing your bottons
I that you challenge my political views
I that you read your bible
I singing with you in church
I showering with you
I giving you hair cuts
I to hear you sing
I that you share food with me at restaurants
I that you gave me another son.
I that you are such a foodie!
I how passionate you are about sports
I that you kill all the flying-stining bugs
I that you brush your teeth to make me happy
I how you look in jeans and boots
I the way you kiss me
I that everyone loves being around you
I that you are my best friend
I that you teach the kids silly things
I that you take care of the car stuff
I that you fill up my tank after CAP on Mondays
I that you want to dance with me
I that you want to take me flying more
I that you teach me scientific stuff
I that you can name any aircraft just by the engine sound
I that you are full of random trivia
I that you love movies
I that you enjoy my quirks
I that you chose me
I that you love the dogs
I that you trust me
I that you gave me another son.
I that you listen to my rants
I that you hold me when I cry
I that you love me
I that you are irresistible
I singing with you in the car
I that you make my heart smile
I that you are warm and cuddly
I that you make me coffee in the morning
I that you put family first
I that you are always willing to help a friend
I that you attend biblestudy with me
I all of our inside jokes
I that I still miss you when you are gone
I that you grab my butt when I walk up the stairs
I that we can just talk
I Christmas time with you
I  our Saturday morning snuggles
I  that you still kiss me in public
I when I hear a song and it makes me think of you
I that you can infuriate me like no one else
I that you can still make my heart flutter
I the way you look at me
I the way you nibble on my neck
I that you like your women like you like your roads
I that I feel safe in your arms
I that God created you just for me
I that I can be myself when I'm with you
I that you think I'm beautiful without makeup
I that you gave me another son.
I you are always on my mind
I I love your scent of your cologne
I that you respect me
I that you are passionate
I the things you do I can't say on this list ;)
I that you made this list easy
I who you are now
I who you are becoming
I that you know how to love me

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