Jan 15, 2014

Product Review: Baking Buddies Silicone Baking Cups

It isn't every day that I get a chance to do a product review. But this weekend was one of those lucky times. I was given a set of Baking Buddies Silicone Baking Cups and asked to share my honest opinion about them by Rizzi from The New York Baking Company. What better way to determine my feelings than by comparing them to other similar silicone baking cups, right?

So here is the Battle of the Silicone Baking Cups!!

In the left corner, Baking Buddies Silicone Baking Cups. And in the right corner, generic silicone baking cups from the local grocer.

Here are the similarities. (read more...)
Both are made with 100% Food grade Silicone. Both are no stick and BPA Free. Both are Freezer, Microwave and Dishwasher Safe. AND, both are save to use in the oven for up to 475*f. 

Mixing the recipe and filling the cups was the same for both. No Real noticeable difference. The Baking Buddies Silicone Baking Cups were brighter in color, more flexible and lighter. In the post when I've used the "other" brand of silicone baking cups, my cupcakes or muffins have been overdone on the bottoms. The Baking Buddies Silicone Baking Cups didn't not overcook my muffins. Instead, the Baking Buddies Silicone Baking Cups created perfectly browned bottoms to each and every muffin. The Baking Buddies Silicone Baking Cups were perfect for my pineapple muffin project this weekend. The muffins baked beautifully and slid right out of the silicone baking cups.

Baking Buddies Silicone Baking Cups
With the other silicone baking cups, I ruined my muffins trying to get them out of the liners. They simply did not release the muffin when flipped upside down. So I had to resort to pulling at the liners and contorting them to release my baked goods. All this while my four boys hovered around me like vultures. Not my kind of idea for how silicone baking cups should work.

the "other" silicone baking cups - Pretty but sticky in comparison
While I enjoyed the softer colors of the "other" silicone baking cups (I think they were acquired at Valentine's 50% sale last year), they simply didn't stack up to the Baking Buddies Silicone Baking Cups. I'm thinking the "other" baking cups will make great mud cupcake liners for the boys. :)

Do you have a brand of silicone bake-ware that you love? Which ones?

Thanks for stopping by and remember to drop by The New York Baking Company's amazon page to pick up your own set of Baking Buddies Silicone Baking Cups!

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