Dec 22, 2008

Guest Blogger: Stef & Cupcake Project

I was so honored when Sherra asked if I would write a guest post and tell you guys a little bit about Cupcake Project!

Cupcake Project has actually been more like Cupcake Projects.

Project 1:

My first project was baking 300 wedding cupcakes for my friends' wedding. As if that weren't enough, I baked them a new flavor of cupcake every week for the year prior to their wedding so that they could pick which cupcakes they wanted on the big day.

The three that they ended up choosing were soda fountain cupcakes (a root beer cupcake with cream soda frosting topped with a malt ball), margarita cupcakes, and gingerbread latte cupcakes.

Project 2:

When another couple I am good friends with announced their engagement, I couldn't help but make them the same offer to bake for their wedding. I again had a year to prepare and gave them different cupcakes to try each week. As you can see in the picture, they clearly had a Fall wedding and chose some great Fall-themed cupcakes: apple cinnamon cupcakes, oatmeal raisin cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes with bourbon and pecan. Oh - and just in case you think based on this picture that I didn't really make very many cupcakes for the second wedding, you should know that I made the same number as the first wedding, they were just hiding and venue's staff kept replenishing them.

Project 3:

With no more readily available engaged friends to bake for, I decided that my next project would be to fix up with of my male cupcake-loving friends (who I call Groom 2.5 although he is definitely a bachelor) with a cupcake baking female - based solely on their love of the cupcake. You can read the whole list of questions that I asked the bachelor and bachlorette in my cupcake love connection post, but here's my favorite one:

Groom 2.5, you are watching Minko bake and discover that she has some extra frosting. What do you suggest that she do with it?

I'd offer to frost her cupcakes.

You are baking cupcakes and Groom 2.5 is watching. You find that you have some extra frosting. What do you do with it?

Put it on my 'cupcakes' and …….
The fatal flaw with the Cupcake Love Connection was that Minko is a located in Australia and my friend is in St. Louis, Missouri. I had a lot of fun trying to set them up, but alas, that project is on hold until they get a chance to meet.

What will project 4.0 be? You'll have to check out my blog to find out. I'll let my readers know as soon as I know.


brittany said...

I am having a fall wedding and love your idea for the cupcakes, I was curious as to what the stand you have is made out of. My wedding is in three weeks and would greatly appreciate your help!! :) thank you in advance!!

Spogden said...

Please visit and ask her how they were constructed. She was guest blogging on my site when that post was made. She is amazing!! If she doesn't respond, I would assume it was a wooden (plywood) platform.

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