Dec 19, 2008

What are the most exciting word for a Foodie??


I know crazy, right. But seriously if they weren't, then someone please explain why I just stayed up 24hrs+ to bake items for the Office Holiday Pot luck? Did I take on a projec too big? It, in and of itself would have been fine, but add it to finishing 3 gifts and wrapping 4 and it is an all nighter.

Here's the menu:
24 Melting Snowmen Butter Pecan Cupcakes
24 Coconut Vanilla Buttercream Cupcakes
Broccoli Cheese Chicken Braid
Meat & Cheese Tray
Green bean caserole
3 doz deviled eggs

Seams pretty reaonslbe, right? I agree. Or did until my sweet husband had to make modifications to the schedule.

I did however get a chance to retry those melting snowmen. I think they turned on better this time.


Cakespy said...

Aww, they are just too cute!!!

Dani said...

i wish i was part of this potluck

HoneyB said...

I love potluck too!

Bridget said...

Wow...lucky office!

Maya said...

Love to be part of that! I have to bake cakes tonight for the office part on Wednesday afternoon.

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