Oct 29, 2013

Art & Science of Baking: Free e-book

You know, as well as I do that there is a science to baking. It isn't one of those "toss this ingredient in" or "add a pinch more of that" situations. It truly requires a balance, sometimes down to the hundredth of an ounce to nail the right combination to produce something truly amazing.

I personally struggle with this. I'm the "follow a recipe two a T" person and my husband is not. He just mixes to smell, which works great when he cooks. But not so great when I bake. Oz simply has his own way of doing things. Which i LOVE! He can create the most scrumptious meals from mere ingredients in my pantry. But sometimes, I just want that calculated baked good full of warmth and sweetness. And I'm simply not willing to just toss in items without knowing the outcome will be exactly what I want or better than I can dream.

I NEED to know the science before I'm willing to just toss and bake.

This weekend I was introduced to a free e-book, How to Bake, the Art & Science of Baking.

Oh be still my heart! Here it is.

It's like having Alton Brown in my kitchen instructing me on the whys and hows of baking science. My. very. own. Alton. Brown. in a beautiful colored e-book that I can download right to my Kindle!!

Even if you think you know everything about baking. Or your mom taught you just how much of a pinch of baking soda will react with your ingredients, this is a MUST HAVE for any baker. It de-mystifies the Art & Science of Baking.

How to Bake, the Art & Science of Baking is a free e-book from The Prepared Pantry. You can out more about more e-books they offer and other items they sell perfect for your kitchen here.

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