Oct 21, 2013

Happy 50th Birthday Easy Bake Oven!!!

What little girl in the last 50 years doesn't have a distinct memory involving the Easy Bake Oven? I do. I remember very clearly making brownies in my Easy Bake Oven with my older sister. It consumed our afternoon, which I'm sure mom loved. And it made us smile to know we had created something so yummy with just a few steps. We were bakers! 

I recalled this memory very fondly when my niece turned 3. Now remember, i don't have any girls. I just have my nieces. They are my lifeline to pink, purple and all things frilly. That includes the fabulous world of Easy Bake Ovens. So I staked claim when she was three that I would be buying her first Easy Bake Oven. Who better than the Great Cupcake Aunt (said with a resounding super hero voice)! It was perfect. And it was a perfect way for me to connect with the sweet little girls in my life and provide them a sweet little adventure into baking. So at age 5, Emily opened a large heavy box from Aunt Sherra and unlocked a world of baking possibilities! 

It made my heart smile!

This past week marked 50 years since the Easy Bake Oven made is debut and for that, Easy Bake Oven, We salute you! 

Happy 50th Birthday!!

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