Oct 12, 2012

Casino Night All Hallow's Eve Party

Oz and I were looking for some great ideas for themed Halloween Parties this month when I ran across this article on the "Top Casino Movies of all Time" on www.casinotop10.net It provoked a very long and rather diverse debate, much like those of the Presidential candidates. Casino Royale with James Bond was of course his first pick. I personally found Hangover one of my favorites and was pleased to see it forth on the list. So keeping the Bond concept to our Casino party, we developed a great plan for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres over roulette and blackjack.

This is where Oz's random bits of trivia always come into play. He knew exactly what Bond would be drinking, the Vesper. Just looking at that recipe, I knew that there had to be another option something more fruity and spirited. The hunt began and the ideas started flowing...

Costumes: Must haves included black cats and vampires. Just picture it. Each woman in a sexy cat costume and the men in long black dusters with stark white fans willing to nibble on our necks. Its sounds awesome!

Food: Zombie fingers breadsticks, deviled ghoul eye balls, vampire blood dip and mini devil's food cake shots.

THE DRINK: Probably the most important part of a great party besides decorations, music and food. We finally agreed upon a Martini in homage to Bond. And something Fruity in homage to an unknown female agent that would also LOVE a martini of her own making. Thus, the Black Cat Martini.

Black Cat Martini:
2 parts Chambord or blackberry liquor
1 part Vodka
just a spash of cranberry juice

shaken over ice and served with carrot slivers for cat whiskers. ***See below for an awesome martini making tip!

Of course we had to "test run" this drink to ensure it was perfect for our guests. We made ours with Chambord and being from Texas, Austin based Deep Eddy Vodka. We love supporting the locals every chance we can get. Now for a few hands of blackjack to test the feel of things and enjoy our concoction.

We are looking forward to a great night with our friends. Thanks To Casinotop10 for the inspiration! 

The crucial most important step about making a martini i learned after many years of bar tending and it was was one of those old grouchy men that taught me what I'm about to share with you. Pay attention. Seriously.

***Martini secret of the year to a perfectly chilled martini...Make sure to use a metal shaker and shake that thing until you think your arms are going to fall off, then shake some more. If you can't scrape ice off the outside with your fingernails, it isn't cold enough. 

Now...Shhhhhh don't tell. Just be an awesome bartender.

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