Sep 12, 2011

Good Bye Summer, We are finished!

I love Bridget over at Bake@350. She is simply wonderful and so incredibly talented. This weekend, she inspired me. She stepped out first to do something we have all wanted to do so many times this year, if you live in the South. She broke it off with Summer. Yep! She told him they were finished and she moved on to Fall. That tall dark and hansom season right around the corner. His rich colors, his cool temps, his inviting smells...who wouldn't move on. So, I'm joining her!

Photo from the Awesome Homemade by Holman

Good bye Summer. Good bye hot temps. Good bye wild fires. Good bye drought!

Hello football! Hello chili! Hello rodeos! Hello campfires & S'mores cupcakes! Hello costumes! Hello holidays! Bring on your cooler temps, your rain showers, your chilly fire-side nights. I welcome your snuggle times, your cold tile and your fall jackets!

To read about my inspiration and learn more about Bridget's amazing cookie making abilities, please see her break-up post here and her camper inspiration.


bridget {bake at 350} said...

I know....I am really OVER summer! Glad the feeling is mutual! ;)

Spogden said...

Thank you Briget!! It is MORE than mutual. :)

Sandra said...

I am getting tired myself of hot sweaty days..Ready for my boots:)) Your cupcake look amazing I had to stumbled it!

Spogden said...

Thanks Sandra. I take no credit for that cupcake. It is from Homemade by Holman. ANd it looks amazing!!

But it gives me a great idea to buy a mini butane torch and give it a whirl!

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