Sep 5, 2011

Monster Tooth Pillow and feeling Domestic

Back in 7th grade in Peoria, AZ I was forced to attend Home Economics three times a week for half a year. I made an apron. I made some cracked hard candy. And I made a pointless blue M&M mini pillow. I never thought I would have to pull out my M&M pillow making skills as an adult. Well, today marks the day that I admit I was wrong. The educators were right and I learned a valuable skill. And to top it off, I fell domestic!

So you may think, Domestic, so? But that doesn't come easy for me. I work full time. I have 4 boys and a husband that keep my house in a constant state of Chaos. I think FlyLade describes CHAOS as can't have anybody over syndrom. Yep. That's our house. So to accomplish feeling domestic is a big feat.

Drum roll please.... I made 2, count them 2, Monster Tooth Pillows!!! I do not take credit for the pattern. Its from She has some amazing stuff for boys!! Back to my story...My oldest has a new found Shark tooth on bottom and one pushing through on top. No babies have wiggled their way out to make room for the larger more adult versions, but they sure are shaking in their roots. So, despite my fatigue and my homework, I used a pattern and created these cute pillows!!

Oh the handle, yeah. I have 4 boys remember. I had to come up with a few of the tooth fairy rules this weekend because apparently she is knocking on our doorstep any day. Well the sister in laws consulted this weekend about the tooth fairy network and its complications. One sister in law has a really high maintenance tooth fairy. She has a name. An origin. Checks toothbrushes and leaves fairy dust all over the place. Oh and did you know fairies are born when children have their first laugh, so says SIL #1.

SIL #2 has a much less complicated tooth fairy. She also has a boy. We determined he doesn't so much care about all those details as long as the loot is under the pillow. There is one simple rule though, if the tooth is pulled, he gets nothing. It has to fall out on its own accord. His tooth fairy seems to run well with the National treasury tooth fairy because she always leaves gold dollars.

Sweet isn't it? No. Not when my son is within ear shot and the standards are getting very HIGH!.

So I had to put a few things in place.

  1. Pillows are required to get money, so says the tooth fairy. 
  2. Sometimes the tooth fairy needs an express option of delivery if they are going to get to every child each night, so says the tooth fairy. Hence the ribbon. ;) There is no way the tooth fairy can get to the pillow without waking someone up or stepping on someone. 
  3. And If the tooth fairy arrives before the child is asleep, becuase he is still up playing, the tooth fairy will take the tooth and leave nothing. Hey, I had to have some bedtime insurance to offset the excitement.

I think I did well. Now to just determine what the opening bid will bed...We keep hearing $5. What is the going rate for tooth #1 and each subsequent tooth?
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