Jul 22, 2010

Middle Sister Wine: Goodie Two-Shoes

While browsing the isles of Targét last week a sweet label caught my eye, Middle Sister Wine. Speaking from a middle sister's point of view, who wouldn't want a wine named after them?! So I grabbed a bottle of "goodie two-shoes" california pinot noir. And tonight is the night that I popped that cork. The first surprise was the wonderful design of the many personalities of Middle Sister worked right into the cork. What a cleaver way to continue the theme!

This sparked my interest in find out more about Middle Sister. Afterall, if they were able to catch my attention and then include other elements that I, as a middle sister found intrigue, what more would I find amirable?!

The label reads: "Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. Or because I graduated top of my class. Being almost perfect is a terrible burden to bear. So I must confess I do have one or two vices. Wine, cheese, cheeseburgers, vampire novels, pink outfits and serial flirting…is that more than one or two? I hope my secrets are safe with you. I have an image to protect. Let me buy you a glass of wine." Clever label and catching. The taste exhibits that attitude quite well. With a medium body, light vanilla notes dancing with lush berry and finishing with hints of cocoa, who wouldn't find Goodie Two-shoes almost perfect?!

Are there other sisters? Well, there are other characters of middle sisters, yes. Check "the Girls" out for yourself at Middle Sisters Wine.
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