Sep 5, 2013

Friday, the day for Free Printables

The week the Pilot and I have spent a lot of time researching our ancestors. With this research, a lot of stories have surfaced. Some are relevant and some are not. Some have been entertaining, some empowering and some quite deflating. And it got me to thinking. Blogging is our platform now. Will the words we right and send into virtual space still be here in 100 years or 200 years when my five generations down grand-daughter wants to know my story?


I'm not sure. But I know I've enjoyed reading the letters and hearing the stories this week. So i'm inspired! Since i wrote my story a couple of weeks ago, or bits of it anyway and shared it with you, I beginning to think I'm behind the 8-ball and need to step up the pace. So,I figure there are two options:
  1. I can print my blog every year or every 5 years as a memoir, hoping that someone will stumble upon it in years to come and find it equally as intriguing. Print2Blog is a great resource for just that. Prices start around $14.95 and are incredible quality. Blurb is another great resource. Their smallest book starts at $12.99. Both of these work well with Blogger, WordPress, LiveJournal and TypePad.
  2. I can start to journal. I know. We learned in school how to journal, but who really does that any more? Well, one day someone might want to read your story from your own handwriting. It might even give it more validity than your IP address. But Not just any journal will do. I'm going to use my own journalling paper and make it almost like a scrapbook. 

And now for the Free Printable...Its great for starting a journal about your story. It works well in the classroom too for short-story platforms. Enjoy!!

If you liked my printable, check out this awesome Halloween craft to liven up your home. The make some of these Ooey Gooey cookies and share them with your loved ones while you read your awesome stories!! This can be a great family-time event.

Both, the template and the saying are free and available for personal use only. All rights belong to Please give credit if you use the item or distribute the item for personal use. But remember to Share and Share a like. :)

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