Oct 28, 2011

Will we get to Trick or Treat?

The final days are upon us for what is one my boys favorite holidays, All Hallow's Eve aka Halloween! But with the recent reports at school and their inability to simply listen, they may lose the opportunity to be a Ninja, Green Lantern and Lighting McQueen. (NO, the baby isn't in jeopardy of losing his Lion costume, but if the big boys don't go, he won't either.) So, I've put it out there. If you want to enjoy the candy-filled holiday and dress up in your costumes, You must have good reports from school. There can't be any more "not-listening" reports, or "you son accidently bit another student today" reports, or any more "he simply isn't doing what he is suppose to do when asked" reports. (Yes he actually did "accidently" bit another student...but that is another story.) Am I bad for using this holiday to my advantage and getting a few good days out of my boys? Nope. I don't think so. SO the count down is on...1 Day down. 2 to go at school and 2 to go this weekend. Are you using the holiday to bribe your children? Do you use Santa as a bribe?

We are going to spend lots of time together this weekend and since we haven't done our pumpkin carving yet, I'm half tempted to do some decoupage pumpkins like Not so Idle Hands created and are showcased in Woman's day this month. Have you seen them?


I love the pumpkins, ghosts and mummies. Being a Scentsy consultant, working in a lighting store and having 4 boys makes me LOVE anything that works with light bulbs instead of flames! What other mosters would you come up with? I bet we could do this with other holidays too!
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