Sep 3, 2011

Krazy Coupon Lady

I won't lie. I'm worried. With 4 boys, how will I ever feed them when they are teenagers? Heck, my oldest is 6 and is already starting to eat close to his weight in food. I'm getting on the coupon band wagon. I'm not into the binder method...yet. I'm going to hang out with Teri at The Grocery Game and file my tabs away. I've been doing this since April, but after watching my boys eat recently, I'm going to get more serious about it. No more frivolous shopping. Shop with a purpose and never pay full price, that is my new motto!

Today I visited a new site, The Krazy Coupon Lady! These women have been featured on TLC, Today and The Early show. To top it off, they recently wrote their own book, Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey! Not only will it help get even the youngest of Coupon Virgins going, it will help make those that are tenured quite savvy too! I bought my own copy today and can't wait for it to arrive!!

Have you thought about couponing? Do you think you could be an extremist? Or what about just an expert on the subject? I'm not sure what category I fall into, but I know I would like to pay off some debt, buy a home and take an annual family vacation. I know I make enough money for all of that, but I sure don't have any of that accomplished. Are you in the same boat? Want to join me?

Comment and let me know what you would do with all the savings you would have from clipping some coupons? Want to know how to get started? The Krazy Coupon Lady has a great 10 day starter workshop for all Coupon Virgins. Check it out here!!
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