Feb 3, 2011

02/04/05: Six years ago tomorrow

Yes I am becoming old. It will be official at 1:19pm on 02/04/11. My oldest son, Case will be 6. I know you might think, whop-te-do. But to me, this is my baby. This little...hmm...sweet innocent boy, yeah that is what I'll call him today and tomorrow, changed my life. I never knew what it would be like to be a mom. I always imagined growing up how it might feel and how much fun it would be, who didn't? But I don't think anything ever REALLY prepared me for the chaos and joys of motherhood. Nor did I have any idea that 6 years later, I would have 4 spawn screaming my name hourly.

So it comes, the oldest turns 6 tomorrow and has requested Blueberry Indiana Jones Cupcakes. Tonight he will bake with me. Tonight we will buy Indiana Jones ring party favors. Tonight we will make a mess out of my already messy kitchen. But tonight, we will also make a memory that he and I both won't forget. I love my little boy. Happy Birthday Case! Your mother is very proud of you!

...You don't think I'd leave the post without atleast something to tide you over until tomorrow, do you? Nope. I had hoped that Case would have jumped at my new favorite thing, Cake Balls. No they aren't new. But they are still new to me because I haven't mastered them like I have cupcakes and pumpkin bread. I was hoping he would go for some strawberry cake balls and I could practice my chocolate coatings and drizzles. But no that was not his request this year. I might still make them next week. ;)

However, Today I found a great post because of @bakeat350tweets twitter feed. My kitchen addiction posted a great post on chocolate drizzle and tips to make it "chaos" proof. Here is a picture of her amazing work:

You can read the full post here. Not only did she do a great job with the tips and techniques, she incorporated some humor as well. I can just see her kitchen covered in gloopy chocolate.


Shelby said...

I really miss those days...I remember when my oldest was 6....and almost 20 years later I still think of him as my little boy! Happy Birthday to your son!

Nichole said...

Happy birthday to your little man.

Cake balls are so yummy! Just a little time consuming. I'd like to have an excuse to make them again though. :)

(Following you via ivillage - thanks for the write up on Scentsy!)

Mommyto3andahusky said...

I just found your blog and became your newest follower! :) Great blog! :)

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