Jan 6, 2011

24.24.24...entered again!!

Have you heard of what buzz at Foodbuzz.com, their 24.24.24?? Not yet you say? Then man are you missing out. Every month at Foodbuzz.com 24 chefs or foodies get $250 to create an amazing blog about their experience with food, menus, celebrations, etc that all happen on a set day.

"Showcasing posts from 24 Foodbuzz Featured Publisher Bloggers, the monthly Foodbuzz 24 highlights unique meals occurring around the globe during a 24-hour period."

What a great idea!! So I'm thinking about actually putting in for it this month. So here i am, adding another thing to my list, hoping I win the opportunity to be highlighted on www.foodbuzz.com for the month of January.

So whats on the agenda??

We will be guided through an exquisite five course menu created especially for us by the Executive Chef at Messina Hof Winery and Vintage House Restaurant. Each course will be perfectly paired with their amazing award winning wines. Since the Chef is from Louisiana originally, we will work with him to develop a dinner that incorporates his flair in the meal and compliments the wine.

We have 4 dear friends, my husband and I, that we enjoy having wine and dinner with for special occasions. We would like to treat them to this 5 course meal in honor of our friendship, the foundations and the new year to come!

As a photographer and blogger, I will journal the meal with photographs focuses on the enjoyment the food brings to each individual. I would like to find the connections between Chef's creations and our memories and scribe those for foodbuzz to read and enjoy. Recipes will be included, Pictures will be taken in great fashion and video will be incorporated to showcase the Chef's amazing personality and passion for his craft.

This would be unlike any blog post i have written to date.

1 comment :

BakingWithoutaBox said...

What a wonderful concept! I love that you wanted to incorporate the Chef's home flair.

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