Sep 4, 2008

Iron Cupcake Earth: Basil

September's Iron Cupcake Earth ~
Sandy over at No One Puts Cupcakes In A Corner is hosting a phenominal blog event that is as much fun as it sounds. Last month was great and if you missed your chance, here it is again.

On the first of every month, a 'secret ingredient' will be posted for all Iron Cupcake participants. The object is to come up with the most creative and delicious cupcake involving the secret ingredient.

Secret Ingredient:
This month's secret ingredient: Basil! What a perfect ingredient to end a funfilled summer!

How to Join:
The contest is open to everyone. Email with the following information to join:

City, State, Country
Blog Address
Flickr Name
Referral: Baking up Chaos (That's me!)

This months prizes are provided by:
METAL SUGAR is an amazing ETSY artists with some of the most fantastic cupcake goods online. This month's winner gets the infamous CUPCAKE SIGNET RING.

In addition tot he following prizes: .

The Cupcake Courier; Jessie Steele Aprons; Taste of Home Books; Fiesta Products Head Chefs; Hello, Cupcake by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson. That's over $225 retail value!
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