Sep 3, 2008


So I was sitting here thinking, what a great way to end my dilema and give some very derserving person a nice treat.

So here is the deal...

Baby boy #3 is getting baptised this month. We are putting on a reception for those attending the baptism. I plan on doing something simple for lunch but really want to wow them with dessert. In the past, we've done cakes and had them ordered. Well i've gotten good enough, I dont order cakes any more. I've also been dabbling in cupcakes, hense why we had cupcakes at the niece and nephew's baptisms.

So my delima, what can I make to wow them? I'm looking for you to tell me. Give me your creative ideas. Show me your blog entries of you creating said idea. Receipes and decorating ideas are a must. Pictures a HUGE plus.

Deadline for submissions is Monday Sept 22nd at noon CST. All ideas should be submitted via the comment section. Make sure your profile is set to public or add me as a viewer so I can properly award the winner their prize. As soon as I've decided what it will be, I'll post the prize here as well. :)

Thanks for your help! I really want to show off my creative talents with this dessert.

Edited (09/25): I didn't get a response but I did find a cupcake i'm willing to try, Cherry Limeade Cupcakes. I'll post next week with the results. :)
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