Aug 31, 2015

Cooking splatter and spot free?

If you want to have a clean kitchen and cooking in it doesn't become an experience in ending in splatters and spots everywhere, here is how to achieve this. You should learn to clean as you go, develop other useful cooking habits and prepare the kitchen for cooking. Use these tips, and your kitchen will be in the same condition in which it was before you started to cook.

Make sure you start cooking with an empty sink and an empty dishwasher. Wash every plate and glass that is dirty before beginning to cook. A good habit which you can develop is to clean as you go and avoid leaving dirty dishes and other cleaning work for later. Piling cutlery and dishes in your sink will make your cooking a not-so-enjoyable experience. Learn to wash and clean right after you finish using every item during the cooking process. This will save you time as well.

After you wash the dishes, clean your sink. You can use basil soap and warm water to remove the dirt and grease form your sink. It's a great way to keep this area hygienic and ready to be used right away. Make sure that your cutting board won't slip easily and is steady on its place. For this purpose place a damp cloth or towel under the board. This will save you from making splatters and spots all over the place.

Keep your cutlery, pans, pots and other cooking items in good condition, maintaining them once a month. Make sure the knives haven't rusted and are sharpened enough. Clean wooden boards and spoons regularly, remembering to oil them once in the month. These maintenance tasks will help you in the cooking process and it will be much more pleasant.

Supply yourself with the proper cleaning products and keep them within reach for when you need them. Store your cleaning preparations under you sink in baskets, buckets or in large drawers. You will save a lot time looking for them and they will be handy whenever you start the cleaning work.

Keeping your worktops impeccable and spotless is very important. These areas can either invite you or make you run from the kitchen. Cleaning your worktops regularly will make your kitchen look tidy and cooking will become an enjoyable task. Make sure there are very few things on your worktops so that they don't look cluttered. 

It's good to have a trash pail in the kitchen that is large enough to store a lot of trash but doesn't get easily filled to the top. Store it in an appropriate place so that it is within easy reach. Another habit which is good to develop is wearing an apron. It will protect you from splatters and spots while you cook. On the other hand, it also provides a way to carry a towel on your person while you prepare food. Carrying a kitchen towel in the pocket of your apron is a great way to clean while cooking and doing different activities.

Before cooking a complex dish, prepare all necessary ingredients to ease the cooking process. This way you will reduce the mess to a minimum. While you cook, store leftovers in a small container, bowl or a bag to save space and keep your worktop clean. These are smart ways to make  the cooking more fun and less frustrating.

If you use this advice, cooking will become more effective, easier and won't leave your kitchen messy. Learning some useful habits and cleaning in motion is great for keeping your kitchen impeccable no matter how long you have used it. 

The article is kindly presented by Patricia Cornwell who works for HomeCleaners Paddington. She is keen on cooking and likes to experiment in the kitchen. Often this experiments leave a true mess at her cooking area and that's why she presents her tips and advices on how to cook and leave the kitchen in the same condition as it was before - clean and tidy.

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