Sep 27, 2012

Blog Challenge Day 1: SITS Girls Memories

I'm behind. I'm sure this doesn't surprise you. I sure as heck doesn't surprise me. I knew when i planned to take on this challenge, i would most likely get caught up in life and lose all sites on completing it. But i am determined. So hang on, this will be a whirlwind of posts to catch up before the challenge ends.

Photo by Sally French shared through Creative Commons

Day 1: Memories brought to you by the letter "B"

The challenge was simply to share a fun school story, anecdote or some memory from my school days long ago. So many came to mind, but mostly high school kept making a come back in my mind. I'm still debating posting any picture to share, but I'll share a minor tidbit that always baffles me when I look back.

I had a "B" stage. Well almost my whole high school career was a "B" stage, minus the time with "M" and with "J". I didn't really have a "type" of guy I dated or was interested in. I just went for what I liked. But there was a very long period when that "type" all had names that started with "B" and many shared the same name. My poor best friends was lost trying to keep up, funny because one of their names started with a "B" too. I digress.

These boys were my sunlight. They made me laugh. They made my heart flutter. They made me reconsider every outfit selection 2 or 3 times each morning to ensure I looked my best. And sadly enough, they broke that same heart. But we did have some fun times!

Band and these boys were a huge part of my high school years. I remember trips on Bus 3 for Band competitions and football games. A few crazy moments with toilet paper, rubber gloves and lots of duct tape. I remember alka-seltzer and seagulls. I remember more band charts and marching drills than I care to remember. They made me laugh. They mentally stimulated me.

There were 4 in this phase. They were never apart of the same group, except as members of the band. Two were older. One was the same age and one was younger. Each brought something new to the equation and different than the one prior. B#1 showed me that I liked the idea of older boys and feeling protected. He showed me that authority can be given but respect has to be earned. B#2 taught me that hard work would pay off. He showed me that you can change a tiger's strips. He also showed me how to laugh, genuinely have fun laughing. I still smile thinking about this one. B#3 was so different. He had amazing relationship with his mother, whom I adored. All were smart, but this one challenged me.  The thrill of chasing him made my head swim some days. To this day, he is still brilliant and such an odd duck that few ever truly figure him out. And B#4.

I could take forever talking about B#4. He was my best friend. He was an awesome Christian, still is. We argued over religion. We flirted over movies. We tried to spend a great deal of time together. There were many phone calls, letters and fun trips after school. He taught me that quality time is more important than gifts. He taught me that younger boys can be as much fun as older boys, or more. He showed me that have a great relationship with your mother was extremely important and respect was top priority with her. He taught me that speaking your mind about your faith despite the consequences was the best way to live. He probably had the biggest impact on my choice in future men and my husband than an other's past. He also broke my heart the greatest.

Its hard for friends to continue when you move on to different phases. College happened for me first and high school wasn't the same for him. Other men came into my life and game changed. But these 4 won't be forgotten. Each one brought something fun and new. Each one taught me a little more about myself that I didn't know. Each one had a different relationship with me. Each one I loved differently. I owe them a lot.

Today I am in a single "D" phase that I vowed will never end. Each one helped prepare me for "D" and the mental stimulation, the physical attraction, the protection, the family devotion, the emotional connection and life long commitment to this one man and all his many shades.

Thank you "B" Boys. I'm sure you know who you are.
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