Mar 27, 2012


I'm sitting at my office computer thinking about my blog and how much I miss writing. I don't know who reads. I am not even sure I want to know who reads as it might make me a little more cautious of what I post. But I digress...I happen to be reading a SITS featured post this morning by Alyssa Erickson. She specifically writes about reinventing yourself in your writing, finding your passion for your blog once again. And it made me start to think.

Why do I write?

What do I expect for my readers to get from my blog?

Are my readers connecting with anything of the black and white on the page?

Hmm...I immediately went to my reader and reviewing recent posts by some of my favorite bloggers, only to find several haven't blogged in over a year, or they had moved their blog. Where have I been? Why didn't I see that before now? Was Alyssa's post to help me find my way back to their blogs and network? Or was it to help me rejuvenate my writing.

As a mom of 4 boys, I never have a dull moment. I should have more things to write about than I have time to scribe, but I find myself with writer's block more often than not. Last night Case, my seven year old, told my darling husband and I about sex. That could take a week to write with a straight face. Cole threw a fit because his younger brother looked at him sideways. Jake insists he can do anything his older brothers can do but screams to high heaven if someone doesn't help him. And sweet sweet Josh just smiles through his terrible twos making everyone forget that he shouldn't be in the knife drawers. Oh and Sweet Josh's reincarnation as Al Bundy could take up a couple of blog posts as well.


I wonder. Would it make me a better mom to share it here? Would it scream out to others that I'm insane? Would someone questions my abilities because I openly share about the same struggles, well almost the same struggles that most moms face? What would you do?

I'm seriously looking for feedback. Do my crazy kid stories make you more confident that you stopped at 2? Do they make you feel like you are normal since I'm insane? Does my hurricane-cluttered house make your's look spit-shined?

I think I'm off to find some chocolate....where is that recipe for Chocolate, Banana, Peanut Butter Cupcakes again??


Meghan said...

Just found your blog--love it! Now that I'm at home with my boys, reading about other moms' adventures/misadventures/moments of "what in the world are we doing?" is a source of comfort. Keep it up!

Sherra said...

Thank you Meghan. I appreciate the feedback. :)

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