Jun 2, 2011

Hot and Steamy...and right on time!

Dinner is always a fight in our household. Who is going to cook? Which is followed by who is going to do dishes? And of course the inevitable, what are we going to eat?

Usually about twice a month I throw in the towel and order pizza. Most often I have it delivered. Its easy. It quick and I don't have to go anywhere or get anything. Bonus for a busy mom like me. It feeds everyone fast and provides a hot meal i don't have to feel guilty about serving the children. It has all the basic food groups, right?

  1. Grains - wheat in the crust
  2. vegetables - olives, peppers
  3. fruits - tomatoes and occasionally pinapple
  4. dairy - cheese and extra cheese
  5. proteins - meats vary from sausage, chicken, bacon, anchovies, hamburger, etc
  6. fats/oils - this is pretty given with the oil in the crust and from the meats/cheese
  7. supplements 
 But what impressed me the most about tonight's order was the speed and the heat. No seriously. We placed our order via iphone app for carryout at 6:09pm. Within minutes we had our confimation that the pizza would be ready in 15-20 minutes. So we timed it almost to the minute and arrive at 6:22pm. My husband is in the shop less than 2 minutes and emerges with a hot and steamy pizza for all my big boys and side of undressed chicken strips for the little dudes. Win.

Then he places the order on my lap for the quick drive home. HOLY HOTNESS BATMAN! That pizza was pipping hot. I love it! Hot fresh pizza in less than 20 minutes and no wait for carry-out! Win! Win! 

Now a review is in order. Most of the time we only review things when life doesn't go as we want and we are disgruntled. Well this one deserves a review because the complete opposite is at hand. I am more than pleased with tonight's service and quality of dinner. This was defiantly a great decision. So the picture...

The Meats Original

That is one Hot pizza! The crust on the underside was done a little more than we like, but the taste was awesome. It had a hot sauce, tender meats and a sweet tomato sauce to compliment the stringy cheese. Not on person complained about dinner tonight, not one! In a household of 6, that is quite an accomplishment!

So to you Papa John's Pizza on Rock Prairie...Great job!! This is from one busy mom in a world of chaotic boys just looking to enjoy life, food and make things easier one meal at a time! You will definitely be seeing more of us!!

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