Apr 2, 2011

Spring Brunch is officially HERE!!

This week has been a crappy, stressful week overall...but the food, foodie conversation and blog posts have been AMAZING!! This one was no exception. Who doesn't LOVE great brunch ideas? What about your favorites with a little twist just in time for a glorious Spring Sunday morning? Well here is a tribute to some of the awesome food bloggers on the net this week.

The {Little} Foodie: Island Eggs Benedict Eggs Benedict with Tomatoes and grilled Hawaiian Bread. WOW!
Kitchen Runway: Maple Bacon & Apple Baked French Toast Large Fiji Apples, Sweet Hawaiian bread & crisp maple bacon with warm maple syrup.
Fork Spoon KnifeCaramelised Fennel, Serrano Ham and Fried Quail Eggs Truly loving my new found love affair with Quail.

Charm & Salt: Parmesan Grits Toasts with BBQ Shrimp Who said you can't have seafood for breakfast?
Clean Green Simple: Vegan, Gluten Free Spinach Quiche We call use a little freedom for all the extra fillers in our food and enjoy a guilt-free meal once in awhile.
Kitchen Confidante: Lemon Raspberry Cake This with a pipping hot super-bowl sized coffee sound amazing!! A perfect pair of sweet, tart and rich. MMMM!!

And Becuase I love Ree Drummond, Here is an egg recipe from June 2009 that sounds, looks and I'm sure tastes scrumptious. Huevos Ree-os See for yourself...

pictures straight from the author's websites with links back.
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