May 27, 2010

Things I never thought I'd say

I've been behind on blogging because life has taken over. And with 4 boys, a full time job, 2 part time jobs and school it's no wonder how that happened. So iPhone has iblogger and I'm hoping it will rejuvinate my blogging.

To kick it husband and I have recently found ourselves saying things we never thought we would say. Ah the joys of raising boys!

1. Get you hands out of your pants.. Said at the dinner table in a nice restaurant.

2. We do not write on the furniture, walls or our little brothers.

3. Stop licking my toes. Eww

4. Stop sharing toys with your brothers head.

5. Stop smelling your brothers butt.

If that doesn't make you laugh, I'm not really sure what will. Needless to say, our house us never boring!

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