Dec 11, 2008

Guest Blogger: Cakespy

It sure looks like Cakespy is making the rounds this week in the blogworld. You better believe I couldn't let you down, so of course, they are stopping here today as our guest blogger!! "The Cakespy crew is comprised of about 6 or 7 Cake Gumshoes throughout the US, and is headed up by Head Spy Jessie Oleson." They put their heads together and compiled an amazing feature just for you! Please Welcome the crew from Cakespy!

Decor Central
When Baking up Chaos asked us to do a guest spot showcasing some of our favorite bakers, we got all excited: we love bakers! But quickly, the excitement turned to despair: how to choose? Perhaps we love too many bakers. Perhaps this is a problem. However, another opportunity then occurred: why not showcase our favorite FAKE bakers? Because yes, we confess: we have a John Waters-like obsession with fake food. Here are our best bets:
Artreverie: This is an awesome, Atlanta-based ceramics company headed by the amazing Heather Cunningham. We first came across her work at Babycakes in NYC, where her work is prominently featured in their window. Now, creating a lifelike likeness in ceramic is not an easy thing to do, but Heather does it with ease--her cupcakes actually look real. Delectable, but not delicious...and yet why does that glaze look so tempting? They're available from time to time on her Etsy shop.
Fake cake from Decor Central
Decor Central: Have you ever seen anything more festive than this coconut cupcake? Well, guess what--it's fake! What a fun way to decorate your home...or mess with friends and family? Like, oh my god. These people even supply fake foods to Unwrapped! While their pastry offerings are mediocre on the site, what intrigues us here is the prospect of getting a replica made of the dessert of your choice. How cool is that? Leelee's Creations: This is like heaven for lovers of fake food--from cupcakes to layer cakes to savory foods too, they've got it all. Their web images are not great, but their product delivers.
My Pink Boutique
My Pink Boutique: If Marie Antoinette opened a shop specializing in faux patisserie, it would probably look like this. Gorgeous faux cupcakes, petits-fours, and more are on show here!
Zimmerman's Marketplace
Zimmerman Marketplace: Simple but lovely, their fake cakes (especially this faux vanilla buttercream cupcake!) strike our fancy.

Incidentally, when you think faux cakes are you thinking of cakes of the likes of which strippers might pop out? If so, here's a tutorial.

Stay sweet!


Plum Bush Cottage said...

How unique. You could really have a lot of fun with these.

Spogden said...

Aren't they neat! I know they would make any baking photoshoot quite beautiful if used as fillers. ;)

HoneyB said...

gorgeous cupcakes!

Cakespy said...

I have already purchased a few of them for family and friends for Christmas presents. I can't wait for them to open the box, squeal with delight...try to take a bite...and break a tooth!! OK, I don't really hope they break teeth, but I think they'll make nice centerpieces. :-)

Thank you for hosting our ramblings and obsessions! :-)

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