Dec 8, 2008

Guest Blogger: Bridget - Bake at 350*

This week is Guest Blogger week. And to kick us off strong is Bridget from Bake at 350*. She just celebrated her one year Blogaversary and has amazing skill with cookie decorating. If you haven't checked her out yet, please do. You will love her stunning work. One of her more inspirational designs can be seen here in her LiveStrong post...Now on to our intriguing interview...

1. Where do you see Bake at 350* heading in the next year? What are your long-term objectives, three to five years?
Wow...I really want to focus on some new designs next year. Secretly (or maybe now, not so secretly), I'd love to work on some cookies for a magazine. That would be a dream for me! :) I'm a little shy about "selling myself," so I'm not sure how that will come to pass! Teaching a cookie decorating class would be fun, too.

2. You just celebrated 1 year blogging! Happy Blogiversary! Where did you get your inspiration for your cookie designs?
Everywhere!!! Sometimes just the cookie cutters themselves...also from cards, children's books, blogs, etc. The "Friendly Frank" Halloween cookie idea came from a plate in a Pottery Barn Kids catalog.

3. From the general tone of your blog it is quite obvious that you are doing what you love. How receptive was your family to the idea of "blogging & baking" during the early months?
My husband has always encouraged me to do what I love. When I sold my cookies, he frequently made deliveries for me and offered design advice (only when asked!!!). I don't think he reads the blog regularly, but he sure eats up all of my mistakes! :)

4. What is the one blog that you read every day and couldn't live without?
The Daily nephew's blog. I look at it several times a day!

5. You recently ran a post that discussed your participation in an online group called Operation Baking Gals. What made you decide to join this group?
My brother-in-law Mike just returned home from Iraq. My dad served in Vietnam. It's just a little way to show soldiers that they are appreciated back home.

6. If you could start over again, what would you do to make your blog better or different? Besides your success in the blogging world, what achievements are you most proud in your life?
I probably wouldn't edit myself as much. Sometimes, I write something and then go back and delete, afraid it won't come across on the blog the way I mean it. The blog could definitely be more professional looking and I really should take more time learning about photography. What I'm most proud achievements, husband, a good marriage, a neat kid and a very cool extended family!

7. As bakers, we all have things we could live without, but would never want to. What five items in your kitchen are "grab in case of fire" items? red Kitchen Aid stand mixer, heart shaped measuring cups & spoons, red silicone rolling pin, as many cookie cutters as I can grab, and, of course, beer! :)

8. I know you homeschool your son and still manage to be apart of Operation Baking Gals, bake cookies for various events and keep your blog updated with fun inspiring creations. What advice would you give to new bakers/bloggers as they venture into the blogging world?
Don't stress about posting something everyday. One of my favorite blogs is Bakerella. She doesn't post everyday, but when she does, it's fabulous!

9. Your ability to deliver an insightful and easy to follow "how to" blog is quite amazing and appreciated by many on the net. Where did you learn to perfect your baking skills?
Gosh...trial & error! We're getting ready for a move and I uncovered some OLD pictures of my cookies. They were awful! I had no idea what I was doing until I saw Martha Stewart make cookies on her (old) TV show. I thought Bake at 350 could be a place for people wanting to know where, and how, to start.

10. When you wake up in the morning what are 5 strategies that you use to get inspired to bake/decorate/write, and to help stir the creative juices, if you are not in the mood to bake or blog?
1. I like to eat, so I'm always thinking about what I'm going to bake/eat next. :)
2. Every morning, I check my Google Reader. I have, oh, a million or so blogs that I love to read. :) Those are inspiration.
3. Martha...if she can raise chickens, host a television show, bake 72 organic plum puddings for friends, emboss her own Christmas cards (using a hand made design), and make pinecones into glittering winter animals, then surely, I can get off my butt and make a dozen cookies!
4. I've been trying to do more baking for other people...that makes the process fun and it's not just about the blog.
5. Family, friends and holidays are probably my ultimate inspiration.


Treasure Ann said...

What a great interview, and I love your blog as well. I just started read Bake at 350 recently. I love her and her blog. What an inspiring interview. Great job on the questions.

Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


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